• me: im so tired
  • mum: what have you done today?
  • me: nothing

Dan Bilzerian


-He just broke broke up with his girlfriend two days ago. He’s had a girlfriend this whole time?!? He says that she was a very accommodating girl who was open to threesomes and letting him bang other girls, but ultimately, he decided his lifestyle is not conducive to having a girlfriend right now.
-He says he’s upfront and honest with chicks that he hooks up with, and doesn’t promise them the world like other guys. They know what they’re getting themselves into with him. He tells them straight away that it won’t be anything serious, and if it’s a problem for them, he lets it go. He says that he won’t chase chicks.
-In Cannes, Dan banged 16 girls in 12 days. All Playboy playmate quality women.
-He said he’s only banged one fat chick in his life, and that was enough for him.

-He’s had two heart attacks, one large one and one minor one, both within twenty-fours of each other. The heart attack was caused from consuming a mixture of Viagra, cocaine, ecstasy and booze. To give you a sense of how much Viagra he took that led to the heart attack, Viagra pills come in sizes of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. His friend gave him a 100 mg pill and told Dan to split it in half, and instead, he took two of them. He said he thought it was necessary because he had been up drinking heavily for three days, and was about to bang a stripper with a condom on. He was 25 at the time.


make your child stop screaming or I will

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Nem tudjátok, hogy ezt az amatőr statisztacsoportot mennyiért lehet kibérelni Híres Ember Fotózásához?


olaszos barna cipok everywhere


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Anonymous asked:
Szia! Teljes mértékben egyetértek az előző anonnal. Nagyon tehetséges srác vagy, szeretem a tumblidat, és az emlékmű szerintem is gagyi, de az ejakulálós gif egyszerűen ízléstelen. 15 éves lány vagyok, nem vagyok már kicsi, de amikor megláttam, az első reakcióm az volt, hogy eltakartam a szememet.





Én is majdnem eltakartam, de rájöttem hogy én már láttam ilyet :(

ahol te jársz, ott faszt vernek a szobrokra? :(

ejakulálós gif